✨ Solastalgia Tour announce ✨ + ‘Futon Couch’ video 💃🛋 + album pre-order available now 💘

Hello everyone!

A LOT of very exciting news today: firstly my new album ‘Solastalgia’ is out May 4, and is now available for pre-order! Whoop!

It’s a huge journey, this album. It’s a journey through hope and despair, and ultimately hope again. One thing my partner said to me is that it feels like “a meditation on time”. And I think that’s spot on. The notion of time has changed so much for me since becoming a parent. I now feel imperative to someone’s survival yet at the same time completely obsolete in the grander scheme of things. Sometimes I look into the future and think about the world I am bringing my son into and what a debilitatingly huge responsibility that is… I think about the mistakes I’ve made and how I can try to make the future safer for him and his children and their children and their children… but then I think about the capacity for love I now feel in my chest that I never knew was possible and how that in itself gives me so much hope. To know that exists, in the universe. Especially when I think about all the glowing little rotating spheres of love out there in everyone’s chest, full of love for each other, for our favourite friends, our family… When I think about the capacity all of that has to have, it gives me hope.

SO that in a nut-shell is the album. But there’s a lot more to it which I’ll tell you about later. There are heaps of different signed pre-order bundles of the album available (check my website here to see them all), and if you pre-order you get ‘Futon Couch’ and an album track ’49 Candles’.

On to lighter things and the SECOND bit of news is that finally my ‘Futon Couch’ video is out!!! I had an incredible amount of fun dancing all day with these crazy wonderful dancers. It almost appears as though I did a bit of dancing too, which surprises me more than it surprises you, trust me. I’ve never done anything like the clip before (just like I’ve never written a song like ‘Futon Couch’ before) and I thank director Josh Harris for throwing me out of my comfort zone, it was worth it! I hope you love the video too.

The third bit of news (and maybe the best?) is that I am doing my own tour in May! So those of you who won’t get a chance to see me on the Ed Sheeran tour (or will see me but still want to see a proper full-length show, as I’ll only be playing a short set with Ed) please come along! There aren’t a huge amount of dates so get in early with tickets. All the dates and details are below – it’ll be a great show, prepare yourself for four strong women at the front of the stage blowing your wigs off with a tsunami of harmonies. And I’m super stoked to announce my special guest for the tour is the talented, mesmerising singer-songwriter, Gordi. Very excited to have you on the road Gordi!

OK that’s it from me for now. A lot of good stuff happening! See you all soon I hope…

Missy xx



(runs for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted)
GP on-sale: Wed 7 Mar 12:00pm AEDT

Click here for all tickets.

FRI 4 MAY QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane
SAT 5 MAY Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
SUN 6 MAY Anita’s Theatre, Wollongong
TUE 8 MAY Enmore Theatre, Sydney
FRI 11 MAY Canberra Theatre
SAT 12 MAY Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
SUN 13 MAY Palais Theatre, Melbourne