✨ New Single ‘Torchlight’ ✨ … and a message from Missy!

Hey everyone,
Here’s a little update on what’s happening in the world of Missy Music (can I talk about myself in third person yet?), otherwise known as: My Music.
The most exciting thing is that I have a single coming out THIS FRIDAY, a song called ‘Torchlight’ that I have written for an upcoming Australian film with an all-star cast called ‘Don’t Tell’. It is quite an extraordinary film: a true story about a courageous young girl seeking justice against the church. I really felt like I’d seen something special when I walked out of the preview the other day. I cried many, many tears (and it’s not often I cry during my own songs!) so please go and see it when it comes out. I feel incredibly honoured to have been a part of it. I should also add that the film was shot up in Toowoomba, so we decided to film the video clip up there also, at the Empire Theatre. You can watch that video at the link below. It was directed beautifully by the film’s director Tori Garrett. 
Apart from Torchlight, you may have seen one or two Instagram pics of me (gawd, how slack am I??) slowly chipping away at my album over the last year. I went to Nashville, my home away from home, to write with my old friend Butterfly Boucher. I also worked with some incredible producers/beat-makers over there. Lots of fun. Lots of Nachos. Since being home, I’ve been working in Melbourne with producer Pip Norman to pull the album together. He is just a delightful human being and crazy talented. Writing, making beats (I now have a little home recording setup that I taught myself how to use by watching Youtube instructional videos!! Look at me now mum!!)… all of it has been happening behind closed doors. And I’m beyond excited to say that my album is now VERY NEARLY FINISHED! So so close. Home stretch. So watch this space. Now we just have to get it mixed, mastered, put the flourishes on, spray paint it with glitter and figure out how to get it out to the world.

Without giving too much away, this album is a pretty big departure from anything I’ve ever done before. No, it’s not a rap album (that’s next). Life is so crazy different for me these days, though. Since having a child my brain has expanded in a hundred different directions yet somehow my feet feel firmer on the ground than they ever have. But the ups and down take no prisoners. The songs and the music on this new album reflect that, I hope. 
Anyway I’m sure I’ll be telling you much more about this over the next few months. For now, this Friday there’s my stand-alone single Torchlight, and the film I wrote it for, ‘Don’t Tell’ is coming out May. Please check out both! 
Oh, and just before I go: shows! For now I have two coming up, Barunga Festival (Barunga, NT) on June 10 and the Big Red Bash (Birdsville, QLD) on July 4. Tickets via www.missyhiggins.com/showsHope to see some of you there!
Missy x