Coming Home Tour 2019 on sale now + 2nd Sydney show added!

 Coming Home Tour with John Butler Trio 👫 tickets are on sale now! Head to to grab yours.
Missy xx

FRI 25 JAN Wignalls Winery, Albany
SUN 27 JAN Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River
FRI 1 FEB Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth
THU 7 FEB Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
SAT 9 FEB A Day On The Green, All Saints Winery Rutherglen
SUN 10 FEB Stage 88, Canberra
THU 14 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt
FRI 15 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt NEW SHOW
SAT 16 FEB A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley
SUN 17 FEB Park Beach Reserve, Coffs Harbour
SAT 23 FEB Tolosa Park, Hobart


Hey everyone, I have some exciting news – today I am announcing that early next year John Butler Trio and I are touring together!!

John and I go way back (he was one of the first people that took me out of the road as a support artist when I was a wee tacker!) and I’m so excited to be touring with him and his crew again. The shows are going to be really special, I’ll have my full band and we’re playing such great venues including, for example, the Sydney Opera House forecourt! Awesome.

As many of you know, my new little bub Luna is just a few weeks old now so this will be the first tour I take her on (apart from the tours I did when she was in my belly!) so it’ll be hectic but lovely to have the whole fam on the road!

Fan pre-sale starts Wed 19 Sep at 12:00pm AEST for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted. Pre-sale password and links will be sent via my mailing list on Tue 18 Sep at 12:00pm – sign up here. General public on-sale from Fri 21 Sept 12:00pm local time.

At the end of this year there’ll be more special things music wise to announce so STAY TUNED (!!!!), and I’ll be in touch. Till then, see you on Instagram/the socials, and hope to see you at some of the shows next year!

Missy xx

with special guest Stella Donnelly (except WA shows)
Fan pre-sale starts Wed 19 Sep 12:00pm AEST for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted.
Pre-sale password and links will be sent via Missy’s mailing list Tue 18 Sep 12:00pm.

GP on-sale from Fri 21 Sept 12:00pm local time.
Head to for GP ticketing links.

FRI 25 JAN Wignalls Winery, Albany
SUN 27 JAN Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River
FRI 1 FEB Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth
THU 7 FEB Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
SAT 9 FEB A Day On The Green, All Saints Winery Rutherglen
SUN 10 FEB Stage 88, Canberra
THU 14 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt
SAT 16 FEB A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley
SUN 17 FEB Park Beach Reserve, Coffs Harbour
SAT 23 FEB Tolosa Park, Hobart

Missy to play in Broome on June 16 for a good cause!

Hi everyone, I’m playing a little acoustic set up in Broome on June 16 to help raise money for Environs Kimberley, a non-for-profit organisation that do amazing work protecting the Kimberley region. It’ll be a great night with lots of great local talent, come along if you’re in the area! Missy 🙂

Click here for more info.

✨ ‘Solastalgia’ out today ✨ + ‘Cemetery’ music video 💘

Hey everyone, today is the day… it’s out! #Solastalgia, my fifth studio album is released into the world! You can listen to it here.

This album was a monumental undertaking with collaborations across the globe, lots of cases of trial and error, and many, many stolen hours in my little home studio getting it right.

I wanted to write an album full of stories about the end of the world. This idea began, I think, because of my fear of bringing a child into a world of climate change. There are many songs on ‘Solastalgia’ that deal with this, but the album ended up being about something much bigger. It ended up being more like an epic, existential reflection on the passing of time, about the new fears and joys of parenthood, about possible scenarios during an apocalypse where love is the one thing that keeps the soul clinging on… there are songs about lessons learnt from past mistakes, letting go of the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves, and choosing the light over the dark. I hope when you listen to it from beginning to end it tells a story, and that you take from it what you need. I’m really proud of this album so most of all I really hope you like it too!

The second exciting bit of news is: the music video for #Cemetery is out also today! I had a blast shooting this with my good friend and long-time collaborator, Natasha Pincus. She also directed my videos for ‘Everyone’s Waiting’, ‘Unashamed Desire’ and ‘Oh Canada’. In other words, she’s bloody brilliant. This video was shot all in one take, and I have to thank the whole camera and lighting crew who put in so many hours getting their moves so perfectly right, so that I could just come in and sing the song. Then of course there’s the VFX (the little lights you’ll see as the clip progresses) which were done by dream-team GRAMM. I’ve never done a black and white clip, nor a one-shot clip before that was so stripped back and raw. I hope you like it, and that you’re digging the new song.



Thirdly, the May tour! We are starting rehearsals tomorrow, and the first show is this Wednesday. There are six of us on stage, including four ladies with awesomely huge voices so the harmonies are going to be pretty spectacular… I feel very lucky.

Hope to see some of you at the shows!



Where’d you end up now?
Do we even live in the same town?
Do you ever think about that time…
we snuck into the cemetery at night?

Hey everyone, today I release the next single off my album!

It’s called ‘Cemetery’, and is maybe my fav track on the new album. At its essence it’s about a relationship that felt like flirting with death; a heart-exploding kind of love that was dangerous and exhilarating but ultimately could never last. I wrote it with my good friend Pip Norman, who is responsible for a lot of the cool new sounds you’ll hear on this record. Listen to ‘Cemetery’ here.

The full album ‘Solastalgia’ is out on April 27, and there are still a few signed copies available if you pre-order it here.

My upcoming tour in May, I’m excited to say, is pretty much sold out apart for a few limited tickets left for the Toowoomba show at the Empire Theatre. That venue holds very special significance for me, as I filmed the video for my single ‘Torchlight’ inside it, it’s a magnificent old theatre. Tickets to that show are here!

That’s it from me for now – follow me on Instagram for more regular updates and silly photos, otherwise I’ll see you at one of the shows very soon!!

Missy xx


Wow, just finished the most amazing tour opening for Ed Sheeran. Thank you so much to everyone who came a bit early to see me and a most MASSIVE thank you to Ed for having me. I’m such an admirer of his and to cap this tour off by singing Perfect Duet with him was seriously a highlight of my career!!!
I also wanted to let everyone know that my album is going to be out a week early – now coming April 27! We realised that the new Brissy date on my Solastalgia Tour is two days before the album comes out, and decided to make the switch so that everyone can hear the songs before they come see the show 💃🏻✨
See you at the footy this weekend! Missy x


Hi everyone!

For the people who missed out on tickets to my sold out Solastalgia Tour shows, we’re adding an extra dates to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane!

You can find all the details below – pre-sale info will be sent out at 6:00pm tonight, sign up here. These will be the only additional shows – remember, only buy your tickets from my official website, and not from dodgy ticket re-sale places!

Missy x




(runs for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted)

Click here for tickets already on-sale to Toowoomba and Canberra.


WED 2 MAY QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane NEW SHOW
FRI 4 MAY QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane SOLD OUT
SAT 5 MAY Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
SUN 6 MAY Anita’s Theatre, Wollongong SOLD OUT
MON 7 MAY Enmore Theatre, Sydney NEW SHOW
TUE 8 MAY Enmore Theatre, Sydney SOLD OUT

FRI 11 MAY Canberra Theatre SOLD OUT
SAT 12 MAY Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
SUN 13 MAY Palais Theatre, Melbourne SOLD OUT
MON 14 MAY Palais Theatre, Melbourne NEW SHOW


✨ Solastalgia Tour announce ✨ + ‘Futon Couch’ video 💃🛋 + album pre-order available now 💘

Hello everyone!

A LOT of very exciting news today: firstly my new album ‘Solastalgia’ is out May 4, and is now available for pre-order! Whoop!

It’s a huge journey, this album. It’s a journey through hope and despair, and ultimately hope again. One thing my partner said to me is that it feels like “a meditation on time”. And I think that’s spot on. The notion of time has changed so much for me since becoming a parent. I now feel imperative to someone’s survival yet at the same time completely obsolete in the grander scheme of things. Sometimes I look into the future and think about the world I am bringing my son into and what a debilitatingly huge responsibility that is… I think about the mistakes I’ve made and how I can try to make the future safer for him and his children and their children and their children… but then I think about the capacity for love I now feel in my chest that I never knew was possible and how that in itself gives me so much hope. To know that exists, in the universe. Especially when I think about all the glowing little rotating spheres of love out there in everyone’s chest, full of love for each other, for our favourite friends, our family… When I think about the capacity all of that has to have, it gives me hope.

SO that in a nut-shell is the album. But there’s a lot more to it which I’ll tell you about later. There are heaps of different signed pre-order bundles of the album available (check my website here to see them all), and if you pre-order you get ‘Futon Couch’ and an album track ’49 Candles’.

On to lighter things and the SECOND bit of news is that finally my ‘Futon Couch’ video is out!!! I had an incredible amount of fun dancing all day with these crazy wonderful dancers. It almost appears as though I did a bit of dancing too, which surprises me more than it surprises you, trust me. I’ve never done anything like the clip before (just like I’ve never written a song like ‘Futon Couch’ before) and I thank director Josh Harris for throwing me out of my comfort zone, it was worth it! I hope you love the video too.

The third bit of news (and maybe the best?) is that I am doing my own tour in May! So those of you who won’t get a chance to see me on the Ed Sheeran tour (or will see me but still want to see a proper full-length show, as I’ll only be playing a short set with Ed) please come along! There aren’t a huge amount of dates so get in early with tickets. All the dates and details are below – it’ll be a great show, prepare yourself for four strong women at the front of the stage blowing your wigs off with a tsunami of harmonies. And I’m super stoked to announce my special guest for the tour is the talented, mesmerising singer-songwriter, Gordi. Very excited to have you on the road Gordi!

OK that’s it from me for now. A lot of good stuff happening! See you all soon I hope…

Missy xx



(runs for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted)
GP on-sale: Wed 7 Mar 12:00pm AEDT

Click here for all tickets.

FRI 4 MAY QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane
SAT 5 MAY Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
SUN 6 MAY Anita’s Theatre, Wollongong
TUE 8 MAY Enmore Theatre, Sydney
FRI 11 MAY Canberra Theatre
SAT 12 MAY Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide
SUN 13 MAY Palais Theatre, Melbourne





Every story has to start somewhere; for beloved Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins it all starts with a futon couch. That’s where she was sitting when she first met the man who would become her husband. And that’s also the story she tells in her new single that was unveiled today.

The quirky “Futon Couch” ushers in a fresh chapter in Missy’s career starting with today’s other surprise news that Ed Sheeran has invited her to be special guest on his Australian stadium tour. Missy will perform a 40 minute set from approximately 7.30pm on all of his shows next month reaching an audience of nearly a million people from Perth to Brisbane.

“I’m profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share a stage with Ed and play to so many people but it’s aready giving me butterflies”,  says Missy. “I don’t know whether I’m excited or terrified – probably a bit of both!”

It was also announced today that “Futon Couch” and the Ed Sheeran tour will lead into the early May release of Missy’s first album of original songs in 6 years. “Solastalgia” will be her fifth studio release. Her previous albums have sold well over a million copies globally and yielded Aussie classics like “Scar”, “The Special Two”, “Where I Stood”, “Steer” and “Everyone’s Waiting”. Her songs have also also earned Missy a phenomenal 24 ARIA Award nominations, including five as this country’s “Best Female Artist”.

Like the lead single, this new set of tunes was created over the last two years with a new slew of collaborators, particularly co-producer Pip Norman (TZU, Troye Sivan, Dan Sultan) and New York based mixer John O’Mahony (Vance Joy, Coldplay, Metric). “Solastalgia” will see Missy exploring some new territory, both sonically and lyrically.

“There’s so much inspiring music being made out there in people’s bedrooms on their computers”, explains Missy. “I wanted to see what sounds and beats we could conjure out of the electronic ether, and then try to wrap some stories and traditional instruments around them. It’s a huge journey, this album.”

The first step on that journey is “Futon Couch” …

“This is the happiest song on the record, so I wanted to start with it”, Missy explains. “It’s not often I write a straight-out, “f**k it I love you” song. It is the story of me meeting my husband in Broome, Western Australia. He was my good friend’s housemate and one day he walked into the living room where I was waiting for my friend. I sat on the Futon Couch making small-talk with him while he did the dishes and I thought: “where did THIS guy come from and why is he so lovely and how can I surreptitiously arrange to hang out with him more?” After that day, I popped round for tea at my friend’s house way more often. We fell in love. We sang “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” together at our friend’s wedding the following week and a few years later, I walked down the aisle towards him. This single tracks the beginning of our relationship and follows it into an unknown future.”

Download / stream “Futon Couch” HERE


Click here for all tickets.

FRI 2 MAR Perth Stadium (with Ed Sheeran)
SAT 3 MAR Perth Stadium (with Ed Sheeran) 
SUN 7 MAR Adelaide Oval (with Ed Sheeran) 
FRI 9 MAR Etihad Stadium, Melbourne (with Ed Sheeran)
SAT 10 MAR Etihad Stadium, Melbourne (with Ed Sheeran)
SUN 11 MAR Etihad Stadium, Melbourne (with Ed Sheeran)
MON 12 MAR Etihad Stadium, Melbourne (with Ed Sheeran)
THU 15 MAR ANZ Stadium, Sydney (with Ed Sheeran)
FRI 16 MAR ANZ Stadium, Sydney (with Ed Sheeran)
SAT 17 MAR ANZ Stadium, Sydney (with Ed Sheeran) 
SUN 18 MAR Blue Mountains Music Festival NSW
TUE 20 MAR Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane (with Ed Sheeran)
WED 21 MAR Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane (with Ed Sheeran)


Missy Higgins to play at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Sunday 19th November.

Hey Melbourne, an exciting announcement: I’ll be playing a big show at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens on Sunday 19 November! The Botan is one of my fav places to hang out in Melbs so I’m super excited to play in such a glorious, magical place. And joining me that evening are some incredible musical acts, Dustin Tebbutt, All Our Exes Live In Texas, and Harry Jakamarra (an amazing new talent, from Broome WA). Come along and make a fancy evening of it! The whole thing is put on by the people that do the Day On The Green shows, so the food, drinks and vibe are going to be quality, my friends. More info at

Hope to see ya there

Missy x


Missy Higgins to star in Miracle City at the Sydney Opera House

Today I can tell you all why I was dressed up in those crazy 80s costumes oninstagram the other day… I am gonna be in a theatrical musical production! It’s called Miracle City, it’s had a couple of small and very successful runs before but this time it’s going bigger. It’s funny and tragic and entertaining and moving and all the good stuff. I’m so happy to be a part of it and amongst such an amazing team of people. I’ve loved musical theatre ever since I was a kid and have dreamt about being in a professional production for ages. Now it’s happening, whoop! So come along, I think we’ll all be in for a good time. And if nothing else, you’ll get to see me dancing in a church gown with a wig on!! Show starts in Oct – more info

Missy x

Miracle City - Missy Higgins as Bonnie May - photo Daniel Linnet

Missy announces special Broome show for August!

Hey WA friends, I’m doing a special show in Broome on Fri 25 Aug at the Goolarri Amphitheatre!

I’ve written so many of my songs in Broome and had the most inspiring moments of my life up there. It’s truly one of my favourite places on Earth. I can’t wait to go back, spend some time in the bush, get my feet dirty in the pindan soil, play guitar under a boab tree and have a mango beer! I’m really looking forward to this gig.

Tickets are on sale now, head to for more info.

Missy x



✨ New Single ‘Torchlight’ ✨ … and a message from Missy!

Hey everyone,
Here’s a little update on what’s happening in the world of Missy Music (can I talk about myself in third person yet?), otherwise known as: My Music.
The most exciting thing is that I have a single coming out THIS FRIDAY, a song called ‘Torchlight’ that I have written for an upcoming Australian film with an all-star cast called ‘Don’t Tell’. It is quite an extraordinary film: a true story about a courageous young girl seeking justice against the church. I really felt like I’d seen something special when I walked out of the preview the other day. I cried many, many tears (and it’s not often I cry during my own songs!) so please go and see it when it comes out. I feel incredibly honoured to have been a part of it. I should also add that the film was shot up in Toowoomba, so we decided to film the video clip up there also, at the Empire Theatre. You can watch that video at the link below. It was directed beautifully by the film’s director Tori Garrett. 
Apart from Torchlight, you may have seen one or two Instagram pics of me (gawd, how slack am I??) slowly chipping away at my album over the last year. I went to Nashville, my home away from home, to write with my old friend Butterfly Boucher. I also worked with some incredible producers/beat-makers over there. Lots of fun. Lots of Nachos. Since being home, I’ve been working in Melbourne with producer Pip Norman to pull the album together. He is just a delightful human being and crazy talented. Writing, making beats (I now have a little home recording setup that I taught myself how to use by watching Youtube instructional videos!! Look at me now mum!!)… all of it has been happening behind closed doors. And I’m beyond excited to say that my album is now VERY NEARLY FINISHED! So so close. Home stretch. So watch this space. Now we just have to get it mixed, mastered, put the flourishes on, spray paint it with glitter and figure out how to get it out to the world.

Without giving too much away, this album is a pretty big departure from anything I’ve ever done before. No, it’s not a rap album (that’s next). Life is so crazy different for me these days, though. Since having a child my brain has expanded in a hundred different directions yet somehow my feet feel firmer on the ground than they ever have. But the ups and down take no prisoners. The songs and the music on this new album reflect that, I hope. 
Anyway I’m sure I’ll be telling you much more about this over the next few months. For now, this Friday there’s my stand-alone single Torchlight, and the film I wrote it for, ‘Don’t Tell’ is coming out May. Please check out both! 
Oh, and just before I go: shows! For now I have two coming up, Barunga Festival (Barunga, NT) on June 10 and the Big Red Bash (Birdsville, QLD) on July 4. Tickets via to see some of you there!
Missy x