✨ ‘Solastalgia’ out today ✨ + ‘Cemetery’ music video 💘

Hey everyone, today is the day… it’s out! #Solastalgia, my fifth studio album is released into the world! You can listen to it here.

This album was a monumental undertaking with collaborations across the globe, lots of cases of trial and error, and many, many stolen hours in my little home studio getting it right.

I wanted to write an album full of stories about the end of the world. This idea began, I think, because of my fear of bringing a child into a world of climate change. There are many songs on ‘Solastalgia’ that deal with this, but the album ended up being about something much bigger. It ended up being more like an epic, existential reflection on the passing of time, about the new fears and joys of parenthood, about possible scenarios during an apocalypse where love is the one thing that keeps the soul clinging on… there are songs about lessons learnt from past mistakes, letting go of the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves, and choosing the light over the dark. I hope when you listen to it from beginning to end it tells a story, and that you take from it what you need. I’m really proud of this album so most of all I really hope you like it too!

The second exciting bit of news is: the music video for #Cemetery is out also today! I had a blast shooting this with my good friend and long-time collaborator, Natasha Pincus. She also directed my videos for ‘Everyone’s Waiting’, ‘Unashamed Desire’ and ‘Oh Canada’. In other words, she’s bloody brilliant. This video was shot all in one take, and I have to thank the whole camera and lighting crew who put in so many hours getting their moves so perfectly right, so that I could just come in and sing the song. Then of course there’s the VFX (the little lights you’ll see as the clip progresses) which were done by dream-team GRAMM. I’ve never done a black and white clip, nor a one-shot clip before that was so stripped back and raw. I hope you like it, and that you’re digging the new song.



Thirdly, the May tour! We are starting rehearsals tomorrow, and the first show is this Wednesday. There are six of us on stage, including four ladies with awesomely huge voices so the harmonies are going to be pretty spectacular… I feel very lucky.

Hope to see some of you at the shows!