80{8c7182c8a34ec4ec9212ad453ffbf7291e5ae01fcacfb4928d4d46071654c352} BY 2050

Missy Higgins has teamed up with The Sierra Club on their 2{8c7182c8a34ec4ec9212ad453ffbf7291e5ae01fcacfb4928d4d46071654c352} campaign. The initiative seeks to cut 80{8c7182c8a34ec4ec9212ad453ffbf7291e5ae01fcacfb4928d4d46071654c352} of carbon emissions by 2050 or 2{8c7182c8a34ec4ec9212ad453ffbf7291e5ae01fcacfb4928d4d46071654c352} a year. Missy points out that being part of the solution to global warming is everyone’s responsibility – governments, families, businesses and that we all need to cut our carbon emissions 80{8c7182c8a34ec4ec9212ad453ffbf7291e5ae01fcacfb4928d4d46071654c352} by 2050. Watch Missy’s global warming message HERE.