In 2006, a number of Australian artists recorded versions of songs by Kev Carmody, for what was to become the album Cannot Buy My Soul.

In January 2008, most of them, including Kev Carmody himself, came together at the State Theatre in Sydney for the stage production of Cannot But My Soul. By all reports, it was one of the most powerful and emotional concerts Sydney has ever heard.

On Saturday, October 4 at 10pm SBS will screen a documentary featuring the concert, including rehearsal footage and interviews with the performers involved. Directed by feature film maker, Paul Goldman (Suburban Mayhem), and produced by Toby Creswell and Danielle Kelly (producers of Great Australian Albums), Cannot Buy My Soul captures not only the intensity and lyricism of Kev’s songs, but also the goodwill and respect of the artists who gathered to honour his work. The cast includes Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, Sara Storer, Dan Kelly, Tex Perkins, Clare Bowditch, Paul Kelly, The Herd, Steve Kilbey, Last Kinection, The Pigram Brothers, Glenn Richards from Augie March, Dan Sultan, The Drones and Last Kinection.