Carbon Offsetting

On the environmental front, Missy Higgins is tackling her carbon footprint head on by neutralising those fossil fuel emissions associated with producing the “For One Night Only” tour that cannot be avoided.

From an energy management perspective, avoiding and reducing energy consumption tops the list, but for energy that cannot be avoided such as venue electricity, aircraft travel and road transport, offsetting these emissions through Climate Friendly makes good environmental sense.

Neutralise Your Travel Emissions To and From the Show

Australians are one of the biggest emitters of carbon on a per capita basis, emitting 28 tonnes of CO2 per person. This equates to each of us generating 77kg of CO2 each and every day. So to totally neutralise your emissions for the day of the show you have the option to add a small amount to the price of your ticket which will then be invested in renewable energy sources. If you take up this option you can rest assured with the knowledge that your carbon emissions for with day will be neutralised.

How the Climate Friendly Ticket Works

The Climate Friendly ticket concept is designed in line with strategies put forward by leading climate experts and involves using funds raised from ticket sales to offset participating audience member’s carbon emissions. The funds are invested in both Australian Green Power (such as wind farms) and international Gold Standard accredited renewable energy projects.

Carbon offsetting works by abating emissions through investment in projects that save energy, such as increasing the generation of renewable energy or technologies that allow industry or homes to become more energy efficient. The funds used to buy the ‘carbon offset’ will be invested in such projects as wind firms, biodiesel and energy efficient programs.

Making a Real Difference

The number of people attending the ‘For One Night Only’ tour means that there is an opportunity to prevent a serious ‘carbon cloud’ from entering the atmosphere through investment in renewable energy infrastructure. Through the Climate Friendly Ticket together we can prevent hundreds of tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere which contribute towards global warming.

We hope this simple but powerful initiative will inspire you to take further positive climate action in your everyday lives.
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