‘Carry You’ Music From The Home Front performance with Tim Minchin

For those of you who missed my performance of ‘Carry You’ with Tim Minchin tonight on Channel 9, here ‘tis! This was weird and lovely. I didn’t have much to make my living room look fancy so those are little father Christmas tree lights behind me, and I decided to wear my wedding dress for the occasion. Not sure why! I’ve just been looking for an opportunity to wear it again. Everything’s a bit topsy-turvy at the moment, so why not. Thank you to Tim for this beautiful song, I love singing it, and please catch his series ‘Upright’ on Foxtel if you can, it is truly brilliant. Thanks for having us be involved everyone at Channel 9 and everyone else involved in Music From The Home Front, for Anzac Day.

Love to you all, hang in there
Missy X