Have you ever wanted to know what inspires Missy’s songwriting? Or what sort of guitar she likes to play? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what Missy’s favorite movie is? Well now is YOUR chance to ask Missy a question live and online!

Midway through her current tour of North America Missy Higgins will be stopping by for an exclusive live 2-way video chat online at 6PM EST on August 4th. The coolest part about it is not only do you get to chat live with Missy but you can also connect with other Missy fans the world over who will be online as well!

Paltalk is the world’s largest online video chat community with over 4 million members. The great news is it’s totally free to join!

On the day of the chat there are 2 ways for you to participate. So here is what you need to do.

1. Paltalk Video conferencing (for PC users only) Go to and download the free client to enable video conferencing using your webcam. If you choose this route you will be able to see Missy and she and her fans will be able to see you as well. Once you have finished downloading, go to: to participate.

2. Paltalk Express (for Mac and PC users) Click on to ask Missy your questions via IM or by voice command if you have a computer mic.

We hope you’ll come join us to chat with Missy and her fans all over the world!