Hey there,

You might have seen some media excitement about my sexuality lately. Basically, I gave an interview [here] that’s since been twisted around by other writers so I figure I should clear things up for anyone who’s been confused by it all.

As I explained in that original interview, I’ve never felt comfortable with labeling or categorizing human beings. However if we’re going to pigeonhole me, I’ve been in relationships with both men and women so I guess I fall most easily under the category “Bisexual”.

The reason I’ve tried to avoid discussing this with journalists is because – like most people – I just don’t like the idea of virtual strangers delving into my private life and possibly misrepresenting things.

Recent events have just reinforced that view. Please rest assured that I am not, never have been, and never will be ashamed of my sexuality but also please respect the fact that when I do an interview I want it to be about my music and not about my love life!

Thanks for your support and understanding.

Missy x