Missy Higgins to star in Miracle City at the Sydney Opera House

Today I can tell you all why I was dressed up in those crazy 80s costumes oninstagram the other day… I am gonna be in a theatrical musical production! It’s called Miracle City, it’s had a couple of small and very successful runs before but this time it’s going bigger. It’s funny and tragic and entertaining and moving and all the good stuff. I’m so happy to be a part of it and amongst such an amazing team of people. I’ve loved musical theatre ever since I was a kid and have dreamt about being in a professional production for ages. Now it’s happening, whoop! So come along, I think we’ll all be in for a good time. And if nothing else, you’ll get to see me dancing in a church gown with a wig on!! Show starts in Oct – more info www.sydneyoperahouse.com

Missy x

Miracle City - Missy Higgins as Bonnie May - photo Daniel Linnet