Missy was on hand at the event’s official launch today at Aussie Stadium to announce she will be performing as part of the Australian Live Earth concert.

She will join the newly reformed Crowded House as well as Wolfmother, Paul Kelly, John Butler Trio and a host of other awesome local and international performers for the concert on 7/7/07. The event at Aussie Stadium in Sydney will be the first of seven Live Earth concerts held over 24 hours across the globe.

Tickets for the show go on sale Friday, May 18 at 9.00am EST.

The global concert will begin in Sydney and continue across all 7 continents, concluding with a show in the US.

Speaking via a video link-up at the event’s launch today, Live Earth Partner Al Gore said: “The climate crisis is a global problem that requires a global response. That’s exactly what Live Earth is. On 7/7/07, Live Earth will touch over 2 billion people with 24 hours of live music across 7 continents and an urgent, hopeful message to trigger a worldwide movement to combat the climate crisis. This movement begins here at Aussie Stadium.”

Missy is midway through her carbon neutral “On A Clear Night Tour” she explains, “We’re doing this by powering all the venues with Green Power and offsetting all the flights, road transport and freight emissions by purchasing Gold Standard premium quality carbon credits. “This is going to be a life-long commitment for me. I think if climate control hasn’t become a personal issue for everyone, then some of us need to wake up!”

Missy also revealed today “I don’t own a car, I ride my bike everywhere or catch public transport”. In the past whenever we’ve needed to hire a car on tour, I’ve requested environmentally friendly vehicles where possible”.

The 50,000 tickets will be printed on recycled paper and will include a free public transport travel pass. For further information head to www.liveearthmsn.com