Missy Higgins will finally return to the airwaves from 8am this Friday (Eastern Summer Time) when her new song “Steer” premieres on Australian radio. It will also be posted on Missy’s official site and on her myspace page.

In just one extraordinary album Missy Higgins carved out a distinctive public profile…proudly Australian, passionate and sincere.

The lead track from her new four song, “Steer EP”, retains all of these hallmarks but it also introduces a newfound positivity to her unmistakable sound. It’s a strong and uplifting piece that was inspired by Missy’s journey over the last few years; winning JJJ Unearthed, playing hundreds of gigs around the world, scooping the ARIA’s and having one of the most successful CDs in Australian music history.

“A lot of the songs on the last album were written from fairly dark places but “Steer” is really the opposite of that”, explains Missy. “It was inspired by a realisation I had one night on the beach, looking up at this amazingly clear sky above me. It dawned on me how small we are, how short life is and how ridiculous it therefore is to spend any of it feeling compromised or unfulfilled. I felt so liberated to have finally figured that out and the song “Steer” just kind of fell out of that moment.”

“Steer” is the first taste of Missy’s eagerly anticipated new album “On A Clear Night”. Both were recorded in L.A. with producer Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Elvis Costello, Finn Brothers, Ron Sexsmith).

The “Steer EP” also features 3 other new original Missy Higgins compositions that won’t be on the album. Two of the tunes “The Battle” and “Dusty Road” were part of the Mitchell Froom sessions while the other “Leave A Note” is an unforgettable home demo.

The “Steer EP” will be released in Australia on April 14.

“On A Clear Night” will be released on April 28.