Animals Australia today launched its largest ever national public awareness campaign – Make it Possible – calling on consumers to use their purchasing power to combat the number one cause of animal cruelty in Australia today – factory farming.

From tonight, a world-first television commercial that allows factory farmed animals to plead their own case for a kinder world will air on all networks and in cinemas around Australia. The commercial – which uses ‘Babe’ style effects and real footage from Australian factory farms, will shine an unprecedented spotlight on the lives led by these animals – right up until Christmas.

Already the campaign has attracted the support of a growing list including Missy, Pat Rafter, Rove McManus and Michael Caton plus leading chefs Neil Perry, Shannon Bennett and Simon Bryant.

In Australian factory farms battery hens can be legally packed so tightly into cages that they cannot even stretch their wings; mother pigs can be individually caged barely able to move for months on end; and chickens raised for meat have been bred to grow at 3 times their natural rate – causing them major health problems.

“These animals are no different to our pets at home, in their ability to feel and to suffer. They equally deserve to be treated humanely and be provided with a life worth living,” said Animals Australia Ambassador, Missy Higgins.

For further information, to support the campaign and to view ‘Somewhere’ the Make it Possible television commercial visit: www.MakeitPossible.com