As part of Triple J’s 30th birthday celebrations, Missy has recorded a version of the first song that the station ever broadcast … “You Just Like Me ‘Cause I’m Good In Bed” by Skyhooks.

The song caused a lot of controvery when 2JJ (as it then was) used it to launch themselves back in 1975. Triple J asked Missy to create a new version of the track and she was happy to give it a shot.

“I’d never actually heard this song before they asked me to record it”, Missy explains. “I was just flattered to be a small part of their birthday celebrations.”

“It was actually really good fun because I got to collaborate with my brother on it – he played piano and helped to produce the track.”

“I’ve got no plans to release the song – it’s just something to say thanks to Triple J. Their early support has allowed me to make music for a living … something I never even dreamed I’d be able to do until they came along.”

Triple J will be broadcasting the tune over the coming weeks as part of their anniversary programming.