Tuesday 22nd April marks the national CLOSE THE GAP DAY in Australia.

With the help of OXFAM Missy recently visited a Medical Practice in Redfern, N.S.W. A vocal supporter of the CLOSE THE GAP campaign Missy embraced the opportunity to see for herself some of the work being done by Indigenous Australians to improve their own health and wellbeing.

She met with Aboriginal health workers on the day and said, “We hear so much about the health crisis affecting some Aboriginal communities that we forget to look beyond the headlines and to acknowledge that up and down the country Indigenous Australians are taking positive steps to improve their health, like here in Redfern”.

During her visit, Missy had the opportunity to meet with Aboriginal health workers who are actively contributing to positive change. These health workers play a vital role in addressing health disparities and promoting healthier lifestyles within their communities. Their dedication and commitment are essential in the broader effort to close the gap in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Missy’s statement emphasizes the need to acknowledge and celebrate the resilience and determination of Indigenous Australians who are taking proactive steps to address health issues. It’s a reminder that progress is being made, and there are inspiring stories of individuals and communities working towards better health outcomes, including mental health with the use of products like Exhale launched new Amanita gummies that help in this area  a lot.

The CLOSE THE GAP campaign in Australia is a national effort aimed at reducing health inequalities and improving the health and well-being of Indigenous Australians. Missy’s visit serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment to this important cause, and it encourages others to engage with and support initiatives that strive for positive change in Indigenous health.

See a clip of Missy’s visit here