New Music Video – Edge Of Something (FROM THE TV SERIES “TOTAL CONTROL”)

The video to ‘Edge Of Something’ is here!  Live footage of me singing this song (at home in my study because, well where else would I possibly be right now?!) woven through footage from Season 2 of Total Control by the genius ABC editor Hilary Campilan, makes for such a powerful video for this song. 

Writing for Deborah Mailman, Rachel Griffiths (and many more amazing women in the show) and the fierce and complex characters they all portray was truly a bloody joy. Watching their faces on the screen in front of me every day on repeat as I was writing felt incredibly relevant. Like I was watching unfold all the impossible predicaments that women – especially women of colour – are forced into these days if they manage to claw their way into the arena. These women were choosing to keep fighting despite knowing full well that the world wasn’t set up for them yet. Elbowing their way to the front, bruised and broken but grabbing the microphone anyway. Truly an inspiration. 

I’m so proud of this song and this project. And seeing as though album sleeve credits seem to be a thing of the past… I’d like to give some big shout outs to: Total Control’s producer Darren Dale at Blackfella Films, the amazing music production duo @sonarmusicofficial whom I wrote the short version of this song with for Season 1. This full expanded version featured in Season 2 features Leigh Fisher on drums, Cameron Deyell on guitar and Brendon Love on bass (who also co-produced the track, and he and I are currently making more songs together so stay tuned there!). Engineered and mixed by the magician Nao Anzai at Rolling Stock studios Collingwood.  

Missy x