New single ‘Carry You’ out now

New single ‘Carry You’ out now:

I hadn’t seen Upright before Tim asked me if I wanted to record a song for it, but I was a big fan of Tim’s work so I knew it would be good. When he played me ‘Carry You’ on the piano I instantly felt how beautiful and universal it was and how I might make it my own.

Sarah Belkner (who plays keyboard for both of us) did an incredible job of wrapping it in some classy, understated production, and I love how it turned out in the studio with her.

After I watched the series (which blew me away, it was so good) I finally understood how multi-dimensional the song is and it made me love it even more. When I sang it in the studio, I felt the ache of regret and the longing for connection through the lyrics, which is something any of us can relate to I think.

I’m so happy to be a part of this project, it’s Aussie TV at its absolute best.

Missy x

‘Carry You’ is written by Tim Minchin, and is taken from his new Australian TV show ‘Upright’ on Foxtel.