Missy Higgins & the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra announcement

Hey everyone!

A few years ago I got asked to do a show with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in this incredible outdoor location called Skyfields in the forest outside Devonport. I’ve always loved playing outdoors as well as with orchestras, both seem to somehow elevate my music to a new level. It was an amazing experience. The songs came alive in unexpected ways when we introduced all the other instruments.

I can’t wait to do it again, this time at Wrest Point Lawns in Hobart on Sat 15 Feb next year. Fan pre-sale start tomorrow, Thu 22 Aug at 10:00am Tasmanian local time and lasts until 10:00am Sat 24 Aug or until allocation exhausted.The pre-sale is happening via my newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet head to www.missyhiggins.com/mailing-list and I’ll resend the link an hour before the pre-sale starts. General public on-sale Mon 26 Aug at 10:00am Tasmanian local time.

See you there!
Missy x



Missy Higgins live in Perth announcement

Hey everyone! Back in February I had a career-first when I was forced to cancel my slot at the Coming Home Tour show in Perth with John Butler because I was sick as a dog. At the time I was so proud of never having cancelled a gig, so I felt awful in so many ways when I had to bite the bullet.
The good news is that I’m coming good on my promise to make it up to you with a special one-off gig on Sat 1 Feb at Kings Park & Botanic Garden. This time I’m bringing along MEG MAC as well as Didirri, two incredible artists that I’m so excited to see live.
Fan pre-sale start tomorrow, Wed 14 Aug at 9:00am Perth local time and lasts until 5:00pm Sun 18 Aug or until allocation exhausted. The pre-sale is happening via my newsletter, so if you haven’t signed up yet head to www.missyhiggins.com/mailing-list and I’ll resend the link an hour before the pre-sale starts. General public on-sale Mon 19 Aug at 9:00am Perth local time. 
I’ll see you soon!
Missy x



Missy Higgins releases new single ‘Song For Sammy’ for Mother’s Day

New single ‘Song For Sammy’ 💗 missyhiggins.lnk.to/SongForSammy

Hey everyone!

Today I’m doing a special little thing. I’m releasing a song for Mother’s Day. It’s a ukulele song I wrote for my boy Sammy a little while ago when he was a wee baby. I came up with the melody one night when i was doing laps of the room, rocking him back and forth trying to get him to sleep. I just kept singing this melody over and over and over, so much so that a song started to form in my head. When he finally went to sleep I put him down, went out of the room and quietly sung this song into my phone. The next day I put the lyrics to it.

It’s a song about the crazy extreme emotions that come with being a parent for the first time. The feeling that you would do ANYTHING for this kid, which is at once exhilarating and terrifying. Suddenly your heart is ripped open and exposed to all the elements. Vulnerable but so, so alive. Exhausted but drunk on love. Acutely aware of all the children in the world and how that is, actually, every single goddamn person. How every man is somebody’s son, every woman is somebody’s daughter. And how realising that, changes everything.

Anyone that’s been coming to my shows knows that I’ve been playing this song live for quite a while now, and I’ve wanted to release it but it’s never quite been the right time. And I realise too now, that having a song for Sammy I’ll have to write one for Luna or there’ll be some serious sibling rivalry going on one day and I ain’t paying for those therapy fees! So perhaps that’ll be next, watch this space 🙂 I really hope you enjoy it.

A huge Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mum’s out there. It can be such an isolating and challenging time, and these days more than ever it’s hard to feel truly connected to each other. So I want to tell you that you’re not alone, I see you out there and you’re doing a bloody incredible job at keeping those little human’s alive. I also want to send love to everyone doing it tough this weekend, who perhaps has lost their mum, or lost a child. You need all the love and hugs in the world, so as much as I can through the silly internet, I am sending that to you right now.

Thanks everyone, thanks heaps for all your support. I’ll keep keeping you updated on my goings-on, on the big family/life/music juggle… until then!

Love ya,
Missy x


Missy wraps up Coming Home Tour

Well the tour is finished. Wow. Great show to finish on at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Saturday night. We were lucky enough to have @dansultanmusic open up who blew the whole audience away.

I need a little while to recuperate now and concentrate on health and sleep and family as it’s all a bit haywire from the last couple of months and I’m a bit frazzled. Touring with baby is no fricken joke.

But I do want to say thank you so much to the band and crew who are like family and especially you guys, the fans, who came to see us live. Im so so so so grateful you keep coming out and being so generous with your time and energy and allowing me to do what I do, I love it so bloody much and will never take it for granted. Speak soon.

Missy x



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Coming Home Tour with John Butler Trio+ underway + ‘The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ albums debut #1 and #2 on vinyl charts!

Hi friends, sending you a message from WA where we kicked off the Coming Home Tour with John Butler Trio+ last weekend! Such gorgeous crowds, and so many cute kiddies dancing front of stage! It’s been a truly magical week in Margaret River, especially spending some time with John and Danielle and their beautiful family and community. Yesterday we swam in water holes, sun-baked on rocks, dodged bull ant nests and Christmas spiders, ate homemade spaghetti with salad from the garden and laughed around an un-made fire. This has been good for the soul and so inspiring in so many ways, looking forward. Sammy has been in nudie heaven, running through the bush like a wild man. Then this arvo to top it off John Butler tattooed a beautiful little moon onto my wrist, to represent my daughter, my Luna. My squeezable little love. Now I have an arrow on my foot for my boy Sammy Arrow, and a moon on my wrist for Luna.


What’s next I wonder… For now, we’re in Perth from tomorrow for two nights at Kings Park – the first night is sold out but there’s a few tickets left to the Saturday night show! Then we’re off to the east coast, doing a whole bunch of shows at iconic venues including Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and the Sydney Opera House forecourt in Sydney. Only a few tickets left to these shows so get in quick… head to www.missyhiggins.com/shows! Also, please click here for children’s policies at each event.
Also so happy to hear that ‘The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ debuted at #1 and #2 on the vinyl charts after their release last week! ‘The Sound of White’ even made it to the full ARIA Albums Chart top 20 for the first time since 2007 (!!!). There are only a few copies left of each album, head to www.missyhiggins.com/vinyl to grab them while you can!
Love Missy x

‘The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ out on limited edition vinyl for the very first time!

Hey gals and guys! Over the years people have always asked me why my first two albums have never been on vinyl… so we finally got our act together and now ’The Sound of White’ and ‘On A Clear Night’ are out on limited edition vinyl today!

The Sound of White’ is on white vinyl while ‘On A Clear Night’ is on – yep, you guessed it – clear vinyl (which I didn’t even know was a thing!). Head to www.missyhiggins.com/vinyl to get yours – only 1000 copies of each are available.

Love Missy x


Click here for JB HIFI
Click here for Sanity


Click here for JB HIFI
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Hi everyone, just wanted to say the response to last night’s show on @abctv and @doublejradio has been amazing! Thank you all so much for tuning in! It really was such a special experience and I want to say another MASSIVE thank you to everyone involved, you make me feel like a very lucky gal to do what I do. If you missed the show you can watch it anytime on ABC iView, doublej.net.au, Facebook or YouTube (have included the link below). And remember, all these songs are on my new ‘The Special Ones’ album, including the new tracks ‘Arrows’ and ‘Run So Fast’ 😊
Thanks again everyone! X

‘The Special Ones’ Best Of out now + ‘Missy & Friends Live’ this Sunday

Hey gals and guys! Today is a special one (see what I did there?) because I’m releasing into the world my Best Of, ‘The Special Ones’!

It really has been quite a crazy ride back through memory lane putting this together, going over old recordings and footage. I’m finding myself feeling even more grateful for everything and everyone out there who has got me to this point. And don’t worry I’m not about to stop, I’m hoping in another 20 years there’ll be a Best Of #2! I still have a whole lot more to say, whether people wanna hear it or not, ha!

New track ‘Run So Fast’ ft. Ben Abraham is on the album, along with my other new song Arrows, the VERY FIRST demo of All For Believing, and a live version of ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ from my performance at Etihad Stadium. I hope you love this collection of songs and they mean something special to you like they do to me. Listen to ‘The Special Ones’ here.

Also, this Sunday at 8:40pm my show at the Melba Spiegeltent for Ausmusic Month airs on the ABC! I was joined by a superstar lineup of friends: Dan Sultan, Kasey Chambers, Ladychoir, Peter Garrett, Gretta Ray and Ben Abraham and it really was sooooo incredibly special. My mum and husband were in the audience and even got a bit of airtime, much to their surprise! I hope you love watching it, it really was an honour to be a part of.

Next up for me is the Coming Home tour with John Butler Trio+ in Jan/Feb next year which is gonna be awesome!!! Tickets selling fast but some are still available here so get in quick! Really looking forward to these shows with John, we go way back and there’s a lot of mutual respect there. I hope to see your lovely faces in the crowd somewhere soon.

Thanks as always!
Love Missy x

Tune in to ‘Missy Higgins & Friends Live’ this Sunday 25 Nov at 8:40pm on ABC TV. 

VIDEO: Very first high school recording of ‘All For Believing’

Hi friends! Today I’m releasing the very first recorded version of ‘All For Believing’ that’s on my album ‘The Special Ones’ coming out on Nov 23. I was in high school, and being known as a singer/songwriter I was chosen to be the guinea pig for a Roland Music equipment salesman visiting the school. The company apparently liked the song so much that they approached me to ask if they could record the song to be the official ‘demo’ on some their equipment. I was stoked! It was the first time anyone had showed interest in my songs and I felt honoured. This recording is the version my sister, a year or two later, would send in to triple j Unearthed… and winning that changed everything. There’s also a video that was made during the recording session in a hotel room – I am so young in this I can’t believe it was so long ago, ah – I must have been 15! Anyway I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I do! Missy xx

Click here to pre-order ‘The Special Ones’ album (out Nov 23)

Missy announces stand-alone headline show on the Gold Coast on Sat 2 Mar!

Queenslanders! Very happy to announce I’m doing a one-off headline show with Dan Sultan on Sat 2 Mar at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre ☀️

Fan pre-sale starts Wed 14 Nov at 2:00pm local time (access this by signing up to my newsletter at www.missyhiggins.com/mailing-list, password will be sent out 24 hours before the pre-sale begins), and general public on sale is from Fri 16 Nov at 11:00am local time via www.missyhiggins.com/shows.

Missy xx

‘Missy Higgins & Friends Live’ TV Special, Sun 25 Nov 8:40pm on ABC TV + Double J

Very excited to announce that I’m doing a TV special on the ABC supported by Double J as part of Ausmusic month celebrations on Sun 25 Nov at 8:40pm 🎵 This show is going to be so fun, and I’ll have some incredible guests joining me on stage including Peter Garrett, Kasey Chambers, Dan SultanGretta Ray and Ben Abraham! My career all started because of winning triple j Unearthed way back in 2001 so it feels like a pretty cool “coming full circle” moment. There’ll be a chance for you to win tickets to be in the audience so, keep an eye on my socials for more details on this later!

Missy xx

New album ‘The Special Ones’ Best Of announcement ✨ + watch video for new single ‘Arrows’ 🏹


To me, songs can be “special ones” for lots of reasons. Usually, they’re the ones that get the biggest reaction at gigs, the ones that most connect with people, the ones that seem to have touched on some universal truth. They’re the hooky ones you can sing out loud in the shower while no one’s watching and imagine you’re in a stadium. But some are special for other reasons. They’re the ones that unexpectedly squeeze at your heart. They move you in a way you find hard to articulate, they roll to the rhythm of some internal beat you knew was there but couldn’t quite express. This album tries to balance these two types of Special. I hope you enjoy it and, while listening, I hope you’re taken back to some special place in your memory you’d forgotten about. Musical time travel. And for the new songs on here you haven’t heard, maybe you can make some new memories. Special Ones, particular to just you. Happy listening!

Missy xx


I originally wrote this song for my wedding. The lower register of my voice actually changes a bit when I’m pregnant, I guess it’s the hormones or something but, anyway, I wanted to take advantage of those temporary extra notes to record this song. We only just made it. A couple of days later and it would’ve had to be a duet with our little girl!





Arrows (previously unreleased)
All For Believing (original demo)
Ten Days
The Special Two
Where I Stood
Unashamed Desire
Everyone’s Waiting
Set Me On Fire
Shark Fin Blues
Futon Couch
49 Candles
Oh Canada
Throw Your Arms Around Me (live on Ed Sheeran tour – previously unreleased)
Run So Fast (previously unreleased)


Hi everyone!

Our Perth show for the Coming Home tour is officially sold out! For those who missed out we’ve added an extra date on Sat 2 Feb – you can find all the details below.

Remember, only buy your tickets from my official website, and not from dodgy ticket re-sale places!

Missy x



with special guest Stella Donnelly*

FAN PRE-SALE starts today, Fri 12 Oct 12:00pm local time
(ends Tue 16 Oct 8:00am local time or until allocation exhausted)
Click here for fan pre-sale
GENERAL PUBLIC ON-SALE from Tue 16 Oct 9:00am local time

FRI 25 JAN Wignalls Winery, Albany
SUN 27 JAN Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River
FRI 1 FEB Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth SOLD OUT
SAT 2 FEB Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth NEW SHOW
THU 7 FEB Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
SAT 9 FEB A Day On The Green, All Saints Winery Rutherglen
SUN 10 FEB Stage 88, Canberra
THU 14 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt
FRI 15 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt NEW SHOW
SAT 16 FEB A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley
SUN 17 FEB Park Beach Reserve, Coffs Harbour
SAT 23 FEB Tolosa Park, Hobart

Head to www.missyhiggins.com/shows for general public ticketing links.

*except WA shows

Coming Home Tour 2019 on sale now + 2nd Sydney show added!

 Coming Home Tour with John Butler Trio 👫 tickets are on sale now! Head to www.missyhiggins.com/shows to grab yours.
Missy xx

FRI 25 JAN Wignalls Winery, Albany
SUN 27 JAN Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River
FRI 1 FEB Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth
THU 7 FEB Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
SAT 9 FEB A Day On The Green, All Saints Winery Rutherglen
SUN 10 FEB Stage 88, Canberra
THU 14 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt
FRI 15 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt NEW SHOW
SAT 16 FEB A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley
SUN 17 FEB Park Beach Reserve, Coffs Harbour
SAT 23 FEB Tolosa Park, Hobart


Hey everyone, I have some exciting news – today I am announcing that early next year John Butler Trio and I are touring together!!

John and I go way back (he was one of the first people that took me out of the road as a support artist when I was a wee tacker!) and I’m so excited to be touring with him and his crew again. The shows are going to be really special, I’ll have my full band and we’re playing such great venues including, for example, the Sydney Opera House forecourt! Awesome.

As many of you know, my new little bub Luna is just a few weeks old now so this will be the first tour I take her on (apart from the tours I did when she was in my belly!) so it’ll be hectic but lovely to have the whole fam on the road!

Fan pre-sale starts Wed 19 Sep at 12:00pm AEST for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted. Pre-sale password and links will be sent via my mailing list on Tue 18 Sep at 12:00pm – sign up here. General public on-sale from Fri 21 Sept 12:00pm local time.

At the end of this year there’ll be more special things music wise to announce so STAY TUNED (!!!!), and I’ll be in touch. Till then, see you on Instagram/the socials, and hope to see you at some of the shows next year!

Missy xx

with special guest Stella Donnelly (except WA shows)
Fan pre-sale starts Wed 19 Sep 12:00pm AEST for 24 hours or until allocation exhausted.
Pre-sale password and links will be sent via Missy’s mailing list Tue 18 Sep 12:00pm.

GP on-sale from Fri 21 Sept 12:00pm local time.
Head to www.missyhiggins.com/shows for GP ticketing links.

FRI 25 JAN Wignalls Winery, Albany
SUN 27 JAN Leeuwin Estate Winery, Margaret River
FRI 1 FEB Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Perth
THU 7 FEB Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
SAT 9 FEB A Day On The Green, All Saints Winery Rutherglen
SUN 10 FEB Stage 88, Canberra
THU 14 FEB Sydney Opera House Forecourt
SAT 16 FEB A Day On The Green, Bimbadgen, Hunter Valley
SUN 17 FEB Park Beach Reserve, Coffs Harbour
SAT 23 FEB Tolosa Park, Hobart

Missy to play in Broome on June 16 for a good cause!

Hi everyone, I’m playing a little acoustic set up in Broome on June 16 to help raise money for Environs Kimberley, a non-for-profit organisation that do amazing work protecting the Kimberley region. It’ll be a great night with lots of great local talent, come along if you’re in the area! Missy 🙂

Click here for more info.

✨ ‘Solastalgia’ out today ✨ + ‘Cemetery’ music video 💘

Hey everyone, today is the day… it’s out! #Solastalgia, my fifth studio album is released into the world! You can listen to it here.

This album was a monumental undertaking with collaborations across the globe, lots of cases of trial and error, and many, many stolen hours in my little home studio getting it right.

I wanted to write an album full of stories about the end of the world. This idea began, I think, because of my fear of bringing a child into a world of climate change. There are many songs on ‘Solastalgia’ that deal with this, but the album ended up being about something much bigger. It ended up being more like an epic, existential reflection on the passing of time, about the new fears and joys of parenthood, about possible scenarios during an apocalypse where love is the one thing that keeps the soul clinging on… there are songs about lessons learnt from past mistakes, letting go of the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves, and choosing the light over the dark. I hope when you listen to it from beginning to end it tells a story, and that you take from it what you need. I’m really proud of this album so most of all I really hope you like it too!

The second exciting bit of news is: the music video for #Cemetery is out also today! I had a blast shooting this with my good friend and long-time collaborator, Natasha Pincus. She also directed my videos for ‘Everyone’s Waiting’, ‘Unashamed Desire’ and ‘Oh Canada’. In other words, she’s bloody brilliant. This video was shot all in one take, and I have to thank the whole camera and lighting crew who put in so many hours getting their moves so perfectly right, so that I could just come in and sing the song. Then of course there’s the VFX (the little lights you’ll see as the clip progresses) which were done by dream-team GRAMM. I’ve never done a black and white clip, nor a one-shot clip before that was so stripped back and raw. I hope you like it, and that you’re digging the new song.



Thirdly, the May tour! We are starting rehearsals tomorrow, and the first show is this Wednesday. There are six of us on stage, including four ladies with awesomely huge voices so the harmonies are going to be pretty spectacular… I feel very lucky.

Hope to see some of you at the shows!