Hi everybody. After reading an article in last Sunday’s newspaper about my vegetarianism and support of PETA, I thought it necessary to clear a few things up. I think PETA is a wonderful organisation for a great cause but I felt the article made me sound arrogant and righteous. For starters, the quotes were actually drawn from some public service materials Peta asked me to film for them about six months ago in the U.S.. Other quotes (eg: the bit about the mosquito’s) were actually intended to be humorous stories but in print they sounded like I was being serious (just for the record, I’ve got no problem with zapping mozzies!). I was therefore quite shocked and embarrassed when I read this story because it didn’t sound at all like me. I would never be so high-and-mighty as to assume that anyone should follow my lead on anything just because they like my music. Obviously I am against cruelty to animals and I personally believe that something needs to be done about it, but I also respect that everyone has the right to make their own decisions. So I’m sorry if you read it and thought it sounded a bit like ‘The Vegetarian Gospel according to Missy’, because that was never my intention!