Hello everyone!

For the last 3 months I’ve been in Nashville, Tennessee recording my *drum roll* third album! Yes, it’s been a bloody long time waiting, sorry about that. The upside is that I’ve done some really cool things in my time off over the last couple of years in an attempt to re-fill this old Creative Well, and hopefully it’s going to make for a really inspired album. Those of you who have been following my (somewhat disjointed and often ridiculous) tweets will know that I’m recording with a good friend of mine, Aussie musician Butterfly Boucher, who’s co-producing my album with a fabulous Nashville man named Brad Jones. The three of us are having a ball, playing various instruments we’ve never tried before, laughing a lot, throwing around crazy ideas to see if they stick and just generally being creative. It’s exactly the kind of experience I wanted the making of this album to be. And I’m fully immersed in the process, so much so that I’m sleeping out the back of the recording studio in a dark little cave with bad seventies wall-paper, dark green shag carpet and last night a raccoon almost feel through the roof onto my head, no joke.

So anyway we’re a bit over half way now, and I’m honestly so excited to get these songs out there for you all to hear them. I’ll be heading back to Australia in a few months to perform in Alice Springs at The Concert. And also one random one coming up quite soon for the Australian Embassy in California, on the Santa Monica pier, 21st of July. See tour date section for more details and stay tuned for more announcements soon.

They should be really fun shows, I’m trying out some new players who are also incredible singers (there are a LOT of layered harmonies on this album, so they needed to be) including Butterfly who’ll be playing bass. So I can’t wait.

And there will be more shows next year I promise! Just wanted to keep you updated. Also the voting for triple j Hottest Albums Of All Time ends in nine days so if I’m lucky enough to get on your list, click HERE!

Thanks for your on-going support…

Lots of Love,