‘The Sound of White’ turns 15 today

I cannot believe it but it has been fifteen years since I released ‘The Sound of White’! Then again, it feels like another lifetime ago that I wrote and recorded those songs, the first of which I wrote when I was fifteen years old myself.

So, on this special day, I wanted to write and tell you what you all mean to me. It’s been a gigantic personal journey for me over the last fifteen years. I’ve made so many mistakes, I’ve broken apart along every seam, been put back together by the things I least expected. I’ve felt connections with audiences so strongly that my entire body felt electrified and boundary-less and I’ve wanted to cry from happiness. I’ve ridden the wave of what it feels like to be in your twenties and learning un-pretty things about yourself every day, I’ve taken risks, I’ve been careful, I’ve crawled away from the light and come running back to it.

And all through that, you’ve been there. Without you I’m a lone voice singing to a bedroom wall. At the risk of sounding like Jerry McGuire, you complete the story, every time. So thank you isn’t enough but here it is anyway: Thank you! Thank you!

And to also mark this day, here is a live version of me singing ‘Any Day Now’ at The Palais in Melbourne from the On A Clear Night Tour.

Missy x