There’s now overwhelming evidence that climate change will have serious economic, social and environmental impacts and threatens our quality of life. Climate change is the most challenging issue of our time.

Even though ordinary Aussies across the country are pitching in to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions, this simply isn’t enough to stop climate change globally. We need governments, industries and the community to work together so we can see real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

So, to show our political leaders that Australians are deeply concerned about global warming, we can Walk Against Warming!

In 2007 Walk Against Warming will highlight the need for laws in place to reduce Australia’s greenhouse pollution, through:

– a reduction in energy use
– increased energy efficiency
– a shift to renewable energy
– better public transport systems
– an end to land clearing and logging of old growth forests
– a price being placed on carbon pollution

Join thousands of other Aussies at a Walk Against Warming event near you to send a clear message to our political leaders – that the community wants bolder and more effective government action on climate change!

Get a group of your mates together and walk against warming!